Coram Beanstalk has a short and sharp mission statement, to help children with their reading skills and in doing so, inspiring self confidence and instilling enjoyment of reading to the children they support. The charity values supporters’ donations as reading at a young age is so important to a child’s growth and brain development. It’s proven to help the process of cognitive development, which is the ability to think and understand (remembering, problem solving, decision making).

Their service is simple but highly effective. They recruit, train and support volunteers to provide consistent, face-to-face reading support to children aged 3 - 13. They will also train people within the schooling system who want to help children learn to read too. The children they usually help usually fall behind with their reading, lack confidence, struggle with fluency, vocabulary, or comprehension.


It has been proven that Coram Beanstalk’s reading support improves reading attainment, self-confidence and enjoyment of reading in any child struggling with or is reluctant to read. In fact here are some stats that show how valuable their work is to the education system.

  • 96% of schools would recommend Coram Beanstalk to other schools

  • 98% of schools agreed that their reading papers helped children improve their enjoyment of reading

  • 99% of schools said their reading papers helped improve their students’ confidence in reading

  • The number of students at Key Stage 1 Level were able to use their own initiative and sounds to work out new words on their own went up from 36% to 70%

  • The number of students at KS1 level needing support with simple words has gone down from 51% to 17%

Why are donations vital for Coram Beanstalk?

The charity wants to raise £1 million by 2010 in order to support their expansion plans. They have set up Jack’s Club in order to do this, and it’ll also help their Looked After Children project.

In 2018 over 150,000 children left primary school unable to read to the required level, and there are over 70,000 children taken into care from either abuse or neglect (Looked After Children). Jack’s Club can help these children start a new chapter in their lives and provide them with the necessary skills and confidence to reach their potential and reach higher education.

With Jack’s Club, they hope to:

  • Develop and expand their work in areas with the most Looked After Children.

  • Launch a new education sales strategy which will focus on engaging Virtual School Heads, responsible for promoting the educational achievement of the children looked after by their local authority.

  • Help Looked After Children with social and emotional support and help the charity evaluate their work in order to ensure they’re meeting the children’s needs

How can supporters get involved

Becoming a reading support volunteer is the best way to make a direct and lasting impact within your local community and see the fruits of your labour flourish. Coram Beanstalk will provide full training prior to starting, and are always on hand to support you - they’ll help you one-to-one or organise events for all reading helpers. To find out more visit their Why Volunteer section of their website.

For anybody wanting to take on a physical challenge, you can look into the Yorkshire Three Peaks hike or the London Marathon - full details on their website.


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Contact Number

0845 450 0307