There are almost 50,000 children with terminal conditions in the UK. More children are living longer with their conditions so there's an increasingly urgent need to support these children and their families.

What makes the charity different

Demelza offers care and support to children and their families from diagnosis to after the death of a child. Demelza gets to know each and every child, young person and family it works with, ensuring families receive a care plan as unique as they are. Working with each family and in collaboration with other healthcare organisations and professionals, Demelza has a tradition of excellence it continues to build upon. The charity continues to do this so children with terminal conditions can enjoy their time together with their family, for as long as they have.

Did you know

• Every year Demelza’s work is a lifeline to over 750 children, young people and families throughout Kent, South East London and East Sussex. The charity provides specialist care services across the region, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, completely free of charge to those who use them.

• A diagnosis can happen at any point, from before birth to many years after, and be completely unexpected - changing a lives and families forever. Often, round-the-clock care is required to help with all daily activities, such as breathing and eating. Sometimes it means that with all the help in the world, a child won’t have long to live. Whatever the underlying health issue, each child or young person will need specialist care, as unique as they are, for however long that may be.

• Demelza Hospice Care for Children believes every child and young person who has a terminal condition should receive the care and attention they need to live the most fulfilling life they can, and that they and their family have the opportunity to build memories, for however long they have together.

Where your donations go:

• £5 pays for a telephone conversation with a parent in need of advice or reassurance

• £ 11 pays for a precious hour of care by a Demelza Health Care Assistant

• £ 15 pays for a bedroom to be personalised for a child receiving end of life care

Other ways you can support the charity:

  1. Get involved – bake a cake, dress up or take on a skydive for Demelza - however you decide to get involved, Demelza can offer support and advice to help you organise a money-raising event.

  2. Take part in an event – Demelza has loads of cycling, running, walking events and more for you to sign up to.

  3. Give your time, energy and skills – Demelza is extremely fortunate to be supported by over 1,000 dedicated volunteers. These selfless people help out across all areas of the charity, giving their time in the community, at their hospices Demelza Kent and Demelza SEL and in all of the charity shops. No matter what role they undertake, all Demelza's volunteers are helping them to continue the vital work they do.

Read about how giving your time and volunteering with Demelza impacts the work the charity carries out in the full Impact Report 2018-19 here.


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