Devon Air Ambulance owns two state-of-the-art air ambulances and work with South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust as they’re the ones who deploy helicopters, and the Trust’s paramedic aircrew are seconded to the charity on their missions. It costs more than £7.5 million to keep the aircrafts flying all year round.

This charity’s vision is to deliver an outstanding helicopter, emergency medical service available to everyone, 24 hours a day in the county of Devon and the surrounding areas. To achieve this vision, there’s a 5-year plan which includes: Increasing availability to 24-hours a day; developing specialist skills, knowledge and qualifications; keeping equipment up to date; purchasing new aircraft.

Patient stories

Angela, Feb 2018 - When a casual cliffside walk went awry, Angela found herself fracturing one in her leg and breaking another, when stepping into mud that didn’t look that deep. Unable to walk, she waited with her son for any form of assistance. First to arrive were volunteer coastguards, but they couldn’t figure out how to get Angela from point A to point B which is where the land ambulance would be waiting - a fair distance! Thankfully Devon Air Ambulance was there to airlift her back to the car park and into the ambulance. Angela thanks them for being there as she had no idea how she’d get out of that predicament.

Lesley, July 2017 - When riding her motorcycle Lesley was involved in a bad road collision at around 75 miles per hour which resulted in fractures to her pelvis, broken femur and knee, broken ribs and both arms being broken. Not fun! In delicate situations like this, you need to act quickly in order to minimise the time between a collision and specialist care and attention. Devon Air Ambulance rushed to the scene and spent 2 days in intensive care and three months in hospital.

Important Dates

The Devon Air Ambulance community can find information on all important events coming up. From Arts & craft fairs, to Bike Festivals, there are all sorts of events for every type of fundraiser to enjoy.

6th April - Afternoon Cream Tea - Bampton

4th May - The Bike Ride in Weston

9th June - Lyn Valley Classic Car Show

All information can be found here, in the Community Events section on their site.

Other ways to support

Helping out in the charity’s head office is a great way to do your bit for the charity, whether it’s helping out on reception, or supporting with general administrative work.

Devon Air Ambulance also has 19 charity shops in the South West of England, that rely on volunteers to help with selling, stock-taking, customer service enquiries and more.

If supporters prefer to be out and about, the charity always needs help with delivering stock to their charity shops. They’ll supply the transport, but just need people to give their time. They could also do with help delivering collection buckets and banners to people hosting their fundraising events.

More information and links to sign up for all the above are found on their Volunteer Roles page on their website.


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