Facial Palsy UK was founded in 2012. Our mission is to ensure that every person in the UK affected by facial palsy can have access to the best information, treatment and support available.

Did you know...

Many people are denied treatments via the NHS because the condition is dismissed as cosmetic. One study found it takes on average 5.6 years to access specialist treatment.

The condition has a huge impact on the lives of those affected. Smiling, closing the eyes, eating, drinking and speaking are all basic human functions which we all take for granted. 70% of our communication is non-verbal compared to 30% from actual words.

Over 250,000 people visit our website for information and support each year.

What makes Facial Palsy UK different

Facial Palsy UK is the only UK charity dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by facial palsy due to any cause

Other ways to support

Volunteering or raising awareness in their community.


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Contact Number

0300 030 9333