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  • The Fawcett Society fights sexism and gender inequality through hard-hitting research and national campaigning that addresses the most urgent issues affecting women and girls in the U.K. today.
  • The charity's vision is a society where women and girls, in all their diversity, are equal and truly free to fulfil their potential. They achieve this by providing the facts and evidence with their compelling research, convening stakeholders to develop practical solutions, and campaigning for change.
  • Through collaborating with other sector organisations, politicians, academics, employers and grassroots activists, they have a strong track record of achieving change in support of women and girls at work, at home and in public life.

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Learn more about Fawcett Society

The Fawcett Society, a U.K. charity, is committed to addressing gender inequality by focusing on critical areas. They strive to tackle the 11% gender pay gap, advocating for reforms like a supportive childcare system and restrictions on salary history questions. Additionally, the society works towards achieving equal power and representation for women, emphasising the stark underrepresentation of women, predominantly Black and minority women, in top U.K. jobs. They address harmful gender stereotypes, collaborating with education authorities and companies to bring about positive changes. Lastly, the society campaigns to increase female participation in politics, emphasising the need for diversity in political roles where only 34% of MPs and 35% of councillors are women.

How they support: Tackling gender pay gaps

The Fawcett Society is actively addressing the gender pay gap as a key priority. With a focus on modernising laws over 50 years after the Equal Pay Act, the organisation has launched the 'Right to Know' campaign to raise awareness and advocate for change. They encourage support through an online petition to make a tangible impact. Highlighting 2020 statistics on gender pay gaps, the Fawcett Society underscores that 40% of people are unaware of women's right to equal pay for equal work, only 36% know about the right to inquire about male colleagues' salaries in cases of suspected unequal pay, and merely 24% report open salary discussions in the workplace. Notably, 60% of women either lack knowledge of their male colleagues' earnings or believe they earn less than men in similar roles. Through these efforts, the Fawcett Society is actively working to close the gender pay gap and promote pay equity.

Ways you can help: Donate

Donating is an easy and foolproof way to make sure that you’re making an impact on the charity. If you were to donate:

  • £10: this would go towards campaigning to change the law and make the Equal Pay Act fit for purpose for women
  • £20: this would help the charity ensure that women’s voices are heard and their needs are met
  • £50: this would help the charity create impactful research to drive forward the debate on gender inequality

Other ways you can help: Give the gift of feminism

Supporting the Fawcett Society through membership is a meaningful way to contribute to their mission of advancing rights and equality for women. Fawcett members play a critical role in building a diverse and inclusive feminist movement, and a gift membership serves as a lasting and impactful present. The membership offers various benefits, priced at £8/month or £88/year. Members receive exclusive content, including the annual StopGap magazine and monthly newsletters, discounts, and priority booking for Fawcett Society events. By sharing the gift of feminism with friends, family, allies, or colleagues, individuals can join forces to create positive change and support women's rights.


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