FORWARD (Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development) is committed to promoting gender equality and safeguarding the rights of African women and girls. A leading African diaspora women’s campaign and support organisation, they work through partnerships in the UK, Europe and Africa to transform lives.

Did you know...

One of their main focuses is tackling discriminatory practices that have a negative impact of the lives and well-being of African women and girls. A few areas they are currently working in are female genital mutilation (FGM), obstetric fistula, and child marriage.

What makes FORWARD different

FORWARD is one of the longest-standing organisations tackling FGM in the UK. After being founded in response to the continuing practice of FGM amongst migrant communities across the UK, they continue their crucial work to support women and girls affected and at risk of FGM. Since then, they have been a pioneering example of how to engage with affected communities, and give women and girls a voice to fight such harmful practices.

Through school sessions, speak out events, community work, training, and support they are able to deliver the support needed by thousands of women and girls in the UK and beyond. In 2014 they reached over 3,500 young people and school staff in the UK through their awareness programme.

They have worked in nine African countries supporting almost 20 partner organisations. They currently support 50 girls clubs across Africa involving over 1,500 girls to provide information, peer support, and signposting on sexual and reproductive health and girls’ rights.

Other ways to support

FORWARDS’ mission to safeguard the rights and dignity of African girls and women wouldn’t be possible without you. Through your support, donations and voices they are able to make themselves heard on various issues affecting girls and women around the world.

As well as supporting them through Savoo, you can support FORWARD by registering for GiftAid, fundraising for them, subscribing to their newsletter to keep up to date, attend their fundraising events, read their blog, or become a member.

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