HealthProm is a well-established international charity that strives to promote the health and social inclusion of vulnerable women, children and families in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Afghanistan and the former Soviet Union.

In each of these regions we develop specifically tailored programmes based on need, and partner up with local NGOs and civil society representatives to carry out our projects more effectively. We currently work in 7 countries - Russia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.

Did you know...

Back in 1984 Healthprom started off as a Medical Exchange Programme between the UK and the former USSR, set up by doctors and health care professionals in order to promote health education and development through tours, conferences and exchange visits.

HealthProm developed first ever foster care programme in Tajikistan.

What makes HealthProm different

In each of our projects we partner up with local NGOs and civil society organisations in order to build local capacity and ensure sustainable long-term outcomes to our goals.


Other ways to support

Supporters can fundraise for our charity through various community initiatives and donate their time through volunteering and/or pro bono expert advice.

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Contact Number

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