A third of all children in our area grows up living in poverty. Some of these children never venture beyond their estates and most of them have never left Hull. If these children don’t have the opportunity to see “What’s out there" then they can’t develop aspirations for the future. We provide these children with opportunities that they otherwise would never have, so that they can discover their individual talents and reach their full potential in life. In doing this we hope to break the huge cycle of unemployment in the area.

Did you know...

We have been established for 21 years.

We are currently working with 6000 disadvantaged children a year.

1 in 3 children in Hull grows up living in poverty.

We have just expanded into the East Riding of Yorkshire so that we can help even more children.

What makes HEY different

When people donate to us, they can see exactly where that money has gone to and even have the chance to attend an experience with the children and see the result of their donation first hand.

Other ways to support

We are always accepting volunteers to attend experiences with our children.


65 Salmon Grove

Contact Number

01482 466045