At The Kindu Trust, our mission is simple – to create an environment in which children can be healthy, go to school and work towards a brighter future.

Did you know...

Our work started when a woman from Plymouth visited Ethiopia after seeing news about the drought and started providing meals for children living on the street, from the back of the hotel she was staying at. Since then we have gone on to build orphanages, and start sponsorships within families in need.

Our team is 94% Ethiopian. We only have one part time member of staff in the UK to fundraise and liaise with international sponsors and donors.

Our Sponsorship Manager is a local celebrity. Marta has been working for the Kindu Trust for 15 years, starting as House Mother in our orphanage in the capital city Addis Ababa. Now she runs the whole sponsorship programme and is second mother to many of the children in our communities.

What makes the Kindu Trust different

We are local, committed and sincere. Our interest in our work is personal and our team are connected to the communities they live within and support.

Other ways to support

Volunteer in Ethiopia – support our work out there whatever your skills and have an amazing experience yourself! Speak up – your opinion matters so, if you support our work, please let the people around you know – a personal testimony means more than a thousand paper handouts!


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Contact Number

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