Lensational is a non-profit social enterprise that equips marginalised women and girls in developing areas with digital cameras and photography training. Our mission is twofold : to empower marginalised women through providing creative skills and therapy, and to raise awareness of the gender issues they face, sharing their stories on a global stage.

Did you know...

Lensational was established in Hong Kong in March 2013 but moved its headquarters to London for its global expansion, formally incorporating in England in March 2015. Since 2013, we have conducted photography training with 400 women across 14 localities: Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Kenya, Bhutan, Vietnam, Ghana Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The women’s photographs and stories have been shared with over 10,000 followers on our social media channels, as well as on global media outlets including the Guardian, TEDx and ABC News, and with over 1,500 visitors during our exhibitions. Lensational also participated in international conferences in 11 countries, most prominently at the Clinton Global Initiative, presented by President Bill Clinton in New York in September 2016.

What makes Lensational different

Lensational’s approach is unique as it elevates photography as a tool for gender equality, and emotional and economical empowerment. Photography can transcend barriers in places where women’s voices are rarely heard due to structural and societal limitations, and bring those authentic voices to places with very different realities.

Public perceptions are challenged by the marginalised women themselves. While most charities may rely on narratives that place beneficiaries in the position of victim/recipient of aid, we overcome this ethical issue by empowering women to craft their own narratives. This theory of empowerment fosters a spirit of resilience in them and may ultimately bring about more empathetic attitudes from the public. We believe that this is a new form of storytelling.

A young girl strikes a fierce pose for her friend taking her first experiments with the camera during a Lensational workshop in Mathare, Nairobi. Housing up to 180,000 people the residents of Mathare slums often lack access to basic services let alone a creative outlet. Lensational aims to give these girls the power of creative expression

Other ways to support

There are various ways in which you can support Lensational and/or the women and girls we work with directly:

  • Buy Photographs

You can support Lensational’s students directly through buying their photographs. 50% of the revenue will go directly to the respective photographer. The other 50% will go to Lensational to further our mission and cover our costs, which are kept at a bare minimum as Lensational is volunteer-run. Buy at: photos.lensational.org

  • Donate Cameras

Do you have an old digital camera sitting at home unused, perhaps recently replaced by a smartphone? Lensational is always looking for digital camera donations (both used and new) from individuals and corporations.

  • Volunteer with Us

Are you a committed, creative and visionary independent worker as well as team player eager to steer the success of a young and dynamic start-up? Lensational is offering exciting opportunities for anyone interested in merging business innovation and (artistic) creativity in the women empowerment space.

  • Become an Ambassador

Are you a photographer? Do you believe that photography can be a tool for social change? Lensational is looking for photographers who want to use their skills to help empower women worldwide.


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