LionAid are the UK charity working globally to save lions and end the decline of wild lion populations. We carry out world leading research into lion conservation and engage directly with politicians and decision makers in the UK, Europe, Africa and Internationally. We are at the forefront of highlighting the true plight of lion populations, canned/captive hunting and the trophy hunting trade. The only sustainable solutions involve all stake-holders, which is why we do more than just talk about it, we are working directly with tribes-people and their leaders in Africa to put in place sustainable and effective programs to help save lions. When you support LionAid, you support lions.

# Did you know...

Lions are the top predator in ecosystems. Lose lions and lose ecosystem stability and function. Lions are already extinct in 25 African nations and clinging to survival in a further 10 in small and scattered populations. This means that only 14 African countries have lions today. Conservationists say most natural populations of lions will be gone in the next ten to twenty years - hunted, poisoned, speared, trapped, slaughtered. If things don't change. LionAid are working to make things really change. In the past 50 years existing approaches to lion conservation have allowed 185,000 lions to become bleached bones or tanned skins. This is why LionAid are taking a different approach with new ideas and new ways to protect and conserve the remaining 15,000 lions.


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