Magic Breakfast believes no child should be too hungry to learn, so provides healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools in disadvantaged areas of the UK. With hunger comes a lack of concentration and anger so this makes children miss out on half a day of lessons if not given anything to eat before the start of the school day.

The charity wants to ensure that no child attends morning lessons or exams on an empty stomach and wants children to reach their full potential. This helps provide equal opportunities quickly for children regardless of their circumstances to thrive in education. With a great educational foundation, children can go on to flourish in their future careers. Problems for children begin with the amount they are being fed in schools, so if this is taken care off then so is the rest.

This might surprise you

Magic Breakfast was founded in 2003 by Carmel McConnell. She learnt in 2001 that there were 5 schools in Hackney that had pupils who were too hungry to concentrate so she went out of her way to make sure they were fed. McConell even ended up remortgaging her home when more help was required.

Eating a healthy breakfast can help a child do better at school. In 2015, 96% of staff surveyed in Magic Breakfast’s 480 partner schools reported increased alertness among pupils who attended breakfast club; 88% reported improved behaviour; 84% reported improved educational attainment.

Over 23,500 children in the UK enjoy a nutritious Magic Breakfast every school day.

Magic Breakfast in only UK based and does not want to exist! Whilst Magic Breakfast are doing a great job they still have 300 schools on the waiting list in need of their support urgently.

How do donations make an impact

£5 will give 1 month of breakfasts and support.

£15 will give 50 breakfasts and support.

£58.50 will give 1 year of breakfasts and support.

£100 will give 333 breakfasts and support.

Ways to show your support

They need help in spreading the word about the issue of hunger as a barrier to education and the importance of eating a healthy breakfast as fuel for learning. Donations can be made via the charity’s website.

Organising your own event is another creative way to help the charity raise donations. This can be in the style of food or anything related to challenges. Be as creative as possible!


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