Marie Stopes International exists to enable women to have children by choice, not chance. Sexual and reproductive healthcare is not a luxury, but a necessity that saves lives and gives people the ability to plan their families and futures. Throughout the world, millions of women suffer as a direct result of not having access to contraception, safe abortion and maternal healthcare before, during and after pregnancy.

In 37 countries around the world we’re trusted to provide high quality and affordable sexual and reproductive health services. Our expert teams offer a wide range of short and long term contraceptive methods, and provide women with access to safe abortion services (where legal), family planning counselling and post-abortion care.

Did you know...

There are 225 million women worldwide who don’t want to get pregnant but aren’t using a form of contraception. Marie Stopes International exists to serve them.

In 2015, nearly 21 million women and their partners were using a form of contraception provided by Marie Stopes International, preventing 6.3 million unintended pregnancies and 4 million unsafe abortions.

What makes Marie Stopes International different

We believe that universal access to contraception is an essential foundation for development. Every day we see how being able to choose the size of your family produces social and economic benefits not just for individuals, but for communities and societies.

For 40 years we’ve been doing whatever it takes to bring high quality family planning services to some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Whether that means delivering services through our 600 centres, traveling long distances to reach rural communities, or working with governments to strengthen public health systems,

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