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The Mintridge Foundation sports ambassadors

  • The Mintridge Foundation aims to showcase to every young person how important sports can be in their lives and the positive impact it can have on them.
  • Through presentations, coaching sessions, mentoring, and so forth, The Mintridge Foundation is driven to help young people from any walk of life, ability or physical capability take part in their programmes to improve their physical and mental health.
  • According to the Times Health Correspondent in January 2022, under 18’s referred for NHS Mental Health treatment rose by 39% to 1.6 million. On top of that, due to an increased sedentary lifestyle amongst children, 1 in 4 primary school children leave school obese. The Mintridge Foundation aims to change this, one school at a time, through their Mintridge Ambassadors.
  • In order to successfully spread their vital message, Mintridge Ambassadors take the form of Olympians, Paralympians and other sporting stars to deliver holistic sports provision in schools, clubs and colleges across the UK. Athletes such as Danielle Brown MBE and Iona Lake work to equip young people with the necessary skills needed for adulthood.
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Learn more about The Mintridge Foundation

Whether you're seeking support from the charity, want to get your children or students involved in mentoring sessions, or simply want to help by raising some extra donations for The Mintridge Foundation - there are so many ways to get involved, make the most of their services and change the lives of young people in the UK.

What makes The Mintridge Foundation different

The Mintridge Foundation cares about young people’s mental health. With mental health issues such as depression and anxiety on the rise, the founders recognised that holistic methods for prevention and healing are key. Founder, Alex Wallace, was driven to start the foundation due to a crisis of confidence she faced in her teenage years, leading to her questioning her identity and worth. She recognised that at that moment she needed someone, and so this foundation is not only important, but born from passion. You can trust that no matter what walk of life a young person comes from, they’ll be met with compassion, understanding and patience by the ambassadors of The Mintridge Foundation.

Ways you can help: Take part in a sporting event, fundraise at your next event, follow them on social media

Perhaps you’re not a young person in education but you still want to find a way to take part in helping out The Mintridge Foundation. Well, there’s plenty of options, such as simply following their social media! Follow their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn pages in order to stay up to date with their latest events and success stories, as well as sharing their challenge calendar, their EasyFundraising Shopping channel and their Mintridge Membership posts as and when you see them on your social media feeds.

Eager to do more? How about you use your next event as a fundraising opportunity? Whether it’s a conference, anniversary celebration, birthday or wedding, utilise the crowd you’ve got around you and talk to them about the benefits of donating to your Mintridge Foundation fundraising page. Find out more here.

Perhaps you’d like to take part in an already organised fundraising event? Take a look at The Mintridge Foundation Challenge Event Calendar and pick one of your choosing! Whether you’re into skydiving, swimming, or running, the Mintridge Events calendar has a range of different fundraising opportunities taking place throughout the year. Simply find one you like and take part!


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Contact Number

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