North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service is a member of the Citizens Advice Network providing advice and information to the residents of North Ayrshire.

Did you know...

The service we provide is independent as we are a standalone charity. The needs of the people who use our services come first and we like to sort out problems together – for good. We take care to properly understand what people need from our service, and how we can continually adapt to help, support, advice and guidance in a way that fits their lives and priorities.

The service we provide is impartial. It is open to everybody irrespective of ability, age, gender, gender identity, race, religion or cutural belief, sexual orientation, social or economic status. Advice and help, within our remit, will be given to any client.

The service we provide is free. No person will be turned away from receiving advice due to inability to pay. As we are a charity reliant on donations, we do accept donations voluntarily given to us.

We are always confidential. Nothing learned by us from clients, including the fact of their visits, will be passed on to anyone outside the service without their express permission, subject to any regulatory obligations we have.

What makes NACAS different

We aren’t driven by a one size fits all approach. We meet people in the midst of their problems and tailor our advice to help each person find a way forward.

It’s not uncommon to hear our clients refer to the help they received as priceless, life changing or invaluable. Alongside debts managed, jobs kept and rights established, we are aware of lives not only changed but also lives saved through suicide prevented, families kept together, worries, stress and depression overcome and a new sense of confidence and purpose ahead. We also hear how those who volunteer with us have gained confidence, self-esteem, new paid employment and reduced depression.

Other ways to support

Our advice is provided predominantly by our volunteers who give their knowledge, skills, time and expertise, free of charge, to help fellow citizens in need of advice and support and we always welcome new volunteers.

When you volunteer with us, you will:

• Make a meaningful difference to people in North Ayrshire

• Receive full training for your role and have access to ongoing development

• Have an opportunity to influence our work through our Volunteer Forum

• Meet like-minded volunteers and become part of the North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service

Please visit our website if you would like to know more and apply.


17 Vernon Street

Contact Number

01294 467848