Oracle is the only Charity in the UK to fund head and neck cancer research and has invested over £5 million already in life changing research programs in imaging, drug development, targeted therapies, biology and surgery to develop treatments. Whilst this makes a huge impact they need more assistance as they receive no government funding and rely entirely on charitable donations to fund their work.

This type of cancer can have devastating impacts on patients’ lives, affecting the senses and basic functions such as speech, breathing and swallowing.

Oracle funds groundbreaking research projects in imaging, drug development, targeted therapies, biology and surgery to develop treatments which will improve the chances of survival and quality of life of head and neck cancer patients. With supporters donations Oracle can achieve its goal of beating this type of cancer.

How your donations make an impact?

  • £100 is enough to buy one of our Oracle PhD scientists a simple pipette, an essential piece of equipment for accurately measuring expensive chemicals in the lab.

  • £400 is the cost for an Oracle PhD to spend a week in the lab, before any consumables or equipment costs are taken into consideration

  • £833 is the cost of two months' fees which ensures our PhD researcher receives guidance from experienced, often internationally renowned supervisors, who are leaders in their field

You may not know…

  • 31 people in the UK are diagnosed with head and neck cancer everyday.

  • 12,000 new cases of head and neck are diagnosed in the UK each year.

  • Head and neck is the third fastest growing cancer type nationally

  • There’s over 30 places on the head and neck that can develop cancer. These include; mouth, lips, throat, voice box and salivary glands.

  • On the Indian sub-continent, nearly one third of all cancers are head and neck cancers.

  • Oracle aims to double the number of cutting-edge research projects it invests in over the next three years.

What makes Oracle Cancer Trust different

  • Oracle fills a ‘research gap’; by focussing its funding on early-stage research projects, Oracle is laying the scientific and technical foundations for larger scale clinical trials, helping to bring real benefit to patients.

  • Because of their lack of immediate commercial benefit, funding is not always made available to these early-stage projects by larger funding bodies. This highlights the importance of donations from people you.

Ways to support the Charity

Donate to Oracle - you can donate via online-form, direct debit or by leaving a gift in your will.

Fundraise for Oracle by organising an event like a coffee morning or a jumble sale. If you’re more adventurous, why not take part in one of their charity challenges. Other ways to get involved include organising a collection tin or by asking friends to donate when you celebrate a life event such as a birthday.

Oracle Cancer Trust also hosts a number of its own fundraising events such as concerts, golf days and free evenings where you can meet the scientists behind the breakthroughs.


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Contact Number

020 7922 7924