Re-engage is committed to fighting loneliness so that people can have social lives no matter how old they are. There are 1.4 million older people in the UK who suffer from loneliness, and an estimated 500,000 are going up to 6 days a week without seeing or speaking to anyone at all. Re-engage runs over 900 free, regular friendship groups in local communities across the UK. The groups bring together isolated older people with local volunteers, providing valuable opportunities to make friends of all ages. It is a simple but very effective way of tackling loneliness. Their groups have a hugely beneficial impact on the well-being and happiness of older people and volunteers a-like.

Re-engage is committed to working with the ‘oldest old’ in our society, from 75 to over 100, as they believe that no-one is ever too old to make friends.

How donations make an impact...

£5 allows Re-engage to give their invaluable volunteers training and support.

£10 helps Re-engage find isolated older people and offer them a place in a free social.

£15 helps Re-engage to introduce new activities for lonely older people such as reading groups or walking cricket groups group local to them

You might be suprised to learn...

Re-engage works with over 8,500 older people and 14,000 volunteers.

97% of older people who join Re-engage now say they have something to look forward to.

The average age of Re-engage older guests is 86.

Re-engage have been helping isolated and lonely older people for over 50 years.

Other ways to support

If you would like to get to become a Re-engage volunteer, visit their website and fill in an short online application form.


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