Refugee Action works with people who have fled war, violence and persecution. They get them the support they need to live in dignity, and build safe and productive lives here in the UK.

The UK based charity supports people seeking safety in Britain with frontline services, and by campaigning for change. With 19 projects across the country, the charity supports refugees and asylum seekers with everything from English lessons to claiming asylum. Refugee Action is also one of the biggest providers of refugee resettlement in the UK, supporting refugees throughout their first year in the UK.

Refugee Action’s vision is a future where refugees and people seeking protection are given the compassion, justice and support they need to live with dignity, believing that we have the power to make the UK a country that truly welcomes refugees.

How donations make an impact…

  • £10 provides a refugee family with essential supplies, such as nappies, blankets and food.

  • £50 helps someone seeking safety to find accommodation, so that they don’t end up street homeless.

  • £100 pays for an interpreter to be present and translate at five advice sessions, helping refugees receive informed advice.

  • £200 pays for 10 advice sessions with an interpreter, so that people can learn about their rights in a language that they understand.

You might be surprised to learn…

  • It’s the largest provider of refugee resettlement in the UK.

  • Over 100 asylum and refugee charities have had their work strengthened through our training and support.

  • Over 80% of staff are based in our frontline services, delivering life changing projects to people seeking safety in the UK.

  • The charity researches issues of great concern, for example asylum support rates, and use the results to adjust their own services, or to lobby to change public policy and practice.

Important dates for the calendar

15th to 21st June 2020 - Refugee Week

How to go above and beyond?

This is your chance to get creative! You might be a star baker or a terrific runner, use your talent and make an amazing impact for people seeking safety in the UK. Your generosity and fundraising means that refugees are not alone and that the vision of the charity can become a reality.

Give: Refugees have survived war, persecution and terrifying journeys to safety. Your donation will help them live again and every penny counts.

Fundraise: You can make a huge difference by fundraising for refugees. Whether you're a runner, walker, adventurer or baker, we've got an event for you here.

Campaign: Help make sure the voices of refugees and asylum seekers don’t go unheard. Join a campaign and add your voice to for a better, fairer asylum system.

Volunteer: Giving advice, raising funds, running events, mentoring and more - volunteers make a huge impact, and you can be one of them.


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