Respect is a national charity focused on ending domestic violence. Our vision is a future where relationships are respectful, safe and free from violence and abuse.

Did you know...

We are men and women working together to end domestic violence.

We run the Respect Phoneline: the only helpline in the UK for perpetrators of domestic violence who want to stop being violent and abusive. More than 7,000 service users contacted the Respect Phoneline in 2016.

We also run the Men’s Advice Line, the UK-wide helpline for male victims of domestic violence. We supported more than 10,000 service users in 2016. We are often the first point of contact for them on their journey to a life free of violence.

We work with the cause of the problem: domestic violence perpetrators:

• Nearly 50% of callers to the Respect Phoneline do not have access to a perpetrator programme within 100 miles of where they live. We want to end this postcode lottery so perpetrators have access to specialist help and victims are safer as a result. For advice and support for domestic violence, perpetrators can call us for free on 0808 802 4040 or email us at: The Men's Advice Line is also contactable for free on 0808 801 0327 and

• Fewer than 1in10 local authorities have access to an intervention that works directly with those perpetrate intimate partner violence. Lack of this support means millions of pounds spent in social care proceedings, health costs, criminal justice system costs. We want to change that.

• We are at the heart of the Working with Perpetrators-European Network, we were one of the founding members and we currently chair the 22-countries collaboration.

• We run accreditation for domestic violence prevention programmes. Respect Accreditation is the benchmark for high quality interventions with perpetrators.

We believe that prevention is the best solution: our Young People’s Programme is a pioneering project for young people who use violence and abuse in close relationships. This can include relationship abuse, adolescent to parent violence or abusive behaviour within the family e.g. sibling abuse, young parent abuse.

We run a training programme for frontline workers so they have the skills and the knowledge to support domestic violence perpetrators, male victims and families with teenagers who use violence.

We run 3 conferences every year: one is about domestic violence perpetrator work, the other one is about male victims work and the third one is focussed on young people’s violence.

What makes Respect UK different

Respect is focused on tackling three issues that are often overlooked:

• adults who perpetrate domestic violence

• young people who use violence and abuse in their families and relationships

• men who experience domestic violence.

Other ways to support

By organising and taking part in fundraising activities on behalf of the charity such as sponsored runs or social events

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