Mental illness can affect anyone. Rethink Mental Illness is there for all of them – from those experiencing depression or anxiety for the first time to those who rely on the charity for long-term support to cope with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Plus, crucially, those who love, support and care for them.

We aim to improve both the experience of people affected by mental illness and the understanding of it among the wider public. 60 per cent of people with mental illness say the stigma and discrimination they faced was as damaging and distressing as the symptoms of the illness itself.

Did you know...

  • Rethink Mental Illness founded in 1972 and provides services, information, and campaigns for fair funding for mental health. Our work brings hope to people across all areas of society even with the most severe mental illness.

  • Last year over 60,000 people relied on Rethink Mental Illness’s one-to-one support and services, which range from crisis houses to a nationwide network of peer support groups, that help people realise they are not alone.

  • This year, the charity’s campaigning contributed to the introduction of the first ever NHS waiting time standards for people with mental health conditions

What makes Rethink different

As well as providing innovative services for crises and for longer term support, we also raise awareness of how, with the right support, people with the most severe mental illnesses can work, maintain relationships and lead fulfilling lives. see this year’s Schizophrenia Awareness campaign at

Other ways to support

We have a growing army of campaigners who get involved with our work by spreading the word, mobilising their own networks, contacting their MP or local authorities and signing petitions to add their voice to make real change happen for those with mental illness. Joining as a campaigner like this could do so much for the cause. If a supporter signs up on our website they’ll start receiving communications by email from our campaigns team, with news of upcoming ways to get involved.


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