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  • As one of the largest mental health charities in the U.K., Rethink Mental Illness works to offer as much help as possible for people struggling to cope with mental illness.
  • Ensuring that no one goes unseen, they aim to provide support for people suffering from mental health issues, their friends, family, and carers. By creating a community of like-minded people, Rethink Mental Illness works hard to make sure that people dealing with mental illness have the best quality of life possible.
  • With over 200 services on offer, Rethink Mental Illness provides an extensive range of support that can be tailored to individual needs. Different people need different kinds of assistance when it comes to coping with serious mental illness – with so many services available, there’s something to suit everyone.

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Learn more about Rethink Mental Illness

Nobody should have to suffer in silence. Rethink Mental Illness provides much needed support for people struggling with severe mental illnesses. From local support groups to raising awareness through campaigns, Rethink Mental Illness works to improve lives and help people manage their symptoms. Rethink Mental Illness helps people learn to live with mental illness, providing them with advice and guidance that enables them to manage their symptoms in a more effective way. They promote the facts about mental illness to help reduce stigma and improve the conditions of those who struggle with severe diagnoses. With 1 in 4 people suffering from serious mental health conditions, Rethink Mental Illness provides extensive care and assistance for people in need. From helplines and crisis houses to psychological therapies and community support, Rethink Mental Illness offers a range of different services to ensure everyone gets the help they need.

How they support: Rethink Mental Illness's Supportive Initiatives

Rethink Mental Illness stands as a pillar of support for individuals navigating the complexities of mental health challenges. Through a multifaceted approach, the organisation provides a range of vital services, including counselling, community outreach, and educational resources. Rethink Mental Illness actively works to destigmatise mental health issues, offering a platform for individuals to share their experiences and connect with a supportive community. The organisation's commitment to advocacy ensures that the voices of those affected by mental illness are heard, influencing policy changes and fostering a more inclusive society. By promoting understanding and offering practical assistance, Rethink Mental Illness plays a pivotal role in empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives despite the challenges posed by mental health conditions.

Ways you can help: Leave a gift in your will

Contributing to the lasting impact of Rethink Mental Illness is made possible through the thoughtful act of leaving a gift in one's will. By considering Rethink Mental Illness in your will planning, individuals ensure a meaningful legacy that supports the organisation's ongoing efforts to transform mental health care. These gifts provide crucial funding for long-term initiatives, including research, advocacy, and the development of innovative programs. Leaving a legacy gift to Rethink Mental Illness allows individuals to play a vital role in shaping a future where mental health is better understood, destigmatised, and accessible to all. This enduring support ensures that the organisation can continue its mission of improving the lives of those affected by mental illness for generations to come.

Other ways you can help: Make a donation

Supporting Rethink Mental Illness through donations is a powerful way for individuals to contribute to the organisation's mission of transforming the lives of those affected by mental health challenges. By making a financial contribution, you play a direct role in funding essential programs and initiatives that provide support, raise awareness, and advocate for improved mental health services. Donations enable Rethink Mental Illness to expand its reach and enhance the quality of mental health care, ensuring that individuals and families facing mental health issues receive the assistance they need. Through the generosity of donors, Rethink Mental Illness can continue to drive positive change in mental health policies, reduce stigma, and ultimately create a more supportive and compassionate society for those living with mental illnesses.


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