Rhythmix uses music to build a bridge to help people connect again. Our work focuses on health and wellbeing and engages children and young people (in hospital, with disabilities or mental health issues) and older people living with dementia in high quality music making.

Music has powerful transformative effects on wellbeing, and can help people reconnect with themselves and those around them. We believe that there should be no barriers to accessing music, and bring music making opportunities directly to the people who can benefit from them most. Your support means that we can connect with more people and transform more moments.

Did you know...

  • We work with over 4,000 people every year.

  • 95% of sessions take place outside of a music or cultural venue.

  • All our activities are free at the point of contact and 85p in the £1 goes on front line services.

  • We are an award winning charity! CCSkills Award for Music 2017 winner, BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey Community Hero Award 2017 winner, Children and Young People Now Awards (Mental Health and Wellbeing) 2017 winner, Music Teacher Awards winner 2018, Charity Today Award (Disability Charity of the Year) winner 2018.

What makes Rhythmix different

Everyone knows someone who would benefit from what we do at Rhythmix. We all have experiences of friends or family members spending time in hospital, with a physical or learning disability, with Dementia, or mental health issues. Music can build a bridge and help us connect again.

We take music into places that you wouldn’t normally expect to find it, and help people make music and be creative. Most of the work that we do happens outside of musical venues. We bring music directly to the people who we think can benefit from its positive impact the most.

Other ways to support

The best way to support us is to share us on twitter, facebook and other social media. Also it would be helpful to create events for us and help us getting known.

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