This branch of the RSPCA rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes animals from the Northamptonshire country. Their work helps hundreds of animals every year that come into their care after suffering mistreatment, cruelty or neglect.

Did you know...

  • This branch is an independent charity, and needs to raise all of it's own funding through events, fundraising, donations and grants.

  • They are a small team of animal lovers who rehabilitate and rehome animals from Northamptonshire but they don't have their own inspectors that can go out and about.

What makes RSPCA Northamptonshire different

This charity has a 'no kill policy' unless on veterinary advice where it's in the best interest of the animal. Surprisingly, this is not well-known from outside the organisation, but they have hundreds of animals in their care and their own homes to prove it!

Other ways to support

  • Donate your dog, cat and rabbit food

  • Fundraising in your local community to help raise awareness of their branch and encouraging others to donate too

  • Helping by corporate sponsorships

  • Recommending your friends and family to adopt a pet to use this branch

Keep up to date via YouTube

Contact Number

01604 881317