Every day in the UK, 14 babies are stillborn or die shortly after birth. Sands are proud of the crucial role that they have played to reduce the number of baby deaths in the UK; on average, 345 fewer babies died in 2018. Sands provides bereavement support services through its accredited Freephone helpline, mobile app, online community and resources, and through a network of regional support groups based across the UK.

Did you know...

  1. More than 5000 babies die each year in the UK.

  2. Sands has invested over £1m in research to improve baby survival rates and mental health outcomes.

  3. On average, Sands supports 15,800 bereaved families and professionals a year

What makes Sands different?

Sands works in partnership with health care professionals, NHS Trusts and health boards to provide specialist training and bereavement care resources to ensure that every bereaved parent and family receive the best possible care.

Sands' saves hundred of babies lives each year by promoting and funding research into the causes of baby death. The charity works with governments, key influencers and other stakeholders to make reducing the number of babies dying a priority.

Other ways to support

  • Knit for Sands - volunteers can knit blankets that are included in our memory boxes

  • Share Sands' message on social media, helping to raise awareness of baby loss

  • Refer Sands to your place of work if they have a Charity of the Year scheme or if they would like to make a donation.


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Contact Number

020 7436 7940