The Shark Trust is committed to safeguarding the future of all 1,300 shark species (as well as all skate and rays species) across all of the world's oceans.

Science at the heart of their work, but the charity also focuses on policy advocacy plus broad public and stakeholder engagement to achieve protection for threatened species, implement sustainable management for all species and encourage responsible trade.

Did you know...

Shark Trust is based in Plymouth but works multinationally to safeguard sharks. "We are just a few people but we represent a growing support base. We have a strong, clear and respected voice on shark conservation issues."

What makes Shark Trust different?

Shark Trust is a very tenacious charity with a long-term approach to improving the outlook for all shark species. The charity strives to work with rather than against industries and businesses with ties to our oceans, supporting positive change that will have a long term impact on shark populations.

Other ways to support

Shark Trust urges you to join them - you could collect records through citizen science projects; spread the word about shark conservation; fundraise through sponsored events; plus of course, you could make sure that you're a responsible consumer.


4 Creykes Court, The Millfields

Contact Number

01752 672020