Every year Shelter helps millions of people through their advice, support and legal services. The charity believe that everyone should have a place they can call home and fights hard to try and end the housing emergency. Your donation can help make sure no one has to fight bad housing or homelessness on their own.

How can donations impact the Charity

£5 can pay for a webchat.

£10 can pay for a call to their helpline.

£25 can pay for face to face advice.

You might be interested to know

More than 4.7 million people came to Shelter for help last year and every 10 minutes a family in the UK loses their home, showing how serious homelessness is

118,626 enquiries have been answered through their helpline and online advice services, open every single day of the year

36,323 people received help through our face-to-face advice and support services

There were 4,677 people sleeping rough on a given night in 2018

As well as trained advisors they have dedicated legal support to help people fight to keep their homes

Important dates for your calendar

10th October - World Homelessness Day

Ways to support the Charity

While Shelter's services are free for anyone facing a difficult housing situation, the amount of people that require help is growing.

There are many fun creative ways to show your support for the Charity. This can be as simple as a Bike Ride from London to Brighton or taking part in one of their events.


88 Old Street

Contact Number

0300 330 1234