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  • Shelter works to defend the individual right to a home and fights to end homelessness and emergency housing. Everyone has the right to a safe, warm place to call home, and Shelter believes that nobody should be forced to live on the streets.
  • By providing much-needed financial and emotional support while fundraising and campaigning to help as many people as possible, Shelter fights to ensure no child has to live in emergency housing or sleep in the back seat of a car.
  • With the cost of living crisis pushing people to breaking point, many will struggle to pay their bills, especially during the colder months. Shelter is working hard to improve homeless services and prevent people from having to live on the streets while raising awareness about the problem of homelessness in the U.K. today.

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Learn more about Shelter

Shelter prioritises your human right to a home. Whether you’re worried about where you’re going to sleep tomorrow night or looking out for someone who’s struggling, Shelter provides access to resources that can help. From dealing with unsuitable or dangerous accommodation to getting help via the emergency helpline, Shelter will assist you in getting things sorted.

Need to know more about your housing rights? Fleeing an abusive home environment? Facing homelessness? Contact Shelter for support. From online housing advice to emergency assistance to local services and webchat help, there are lots of different ways to get in touch and find the support that suits you best.

How they support: Campaigning

By tirelessly advocating for policy changes and societal reforms, Shelter strives to influence decision-makers and raise awareness about the critical issues surrounding housing insecurity. Through their robust campaigns, they aim to shape a more equitable housing landscape, champion the rights of those experiencing homelessness, and push for systemic changes that address the housing crisis at its core. By engaging in their advocacy efforts, supporters play a crucial role in amplifying Shelter's voice, contributing to a collective push for lasting change and ensuring that everyone in the U.K. has a safe and secure place to call home.

Ways you can help: Donate monthly

If you’re able to donate on a monthly basis, here is what your donation would cover:

  • £5: This could help fund a webchat providing essential emergency housing advice
  • £10: This could help answer an urgent call to our helpline
  • £15: This could help fund a webchat providing essential housing advice
  • £20: This could help pay for an emergency call with a Shelter adviser

Other ways you can help: Donate one-time

If you can only afford to make a one-time donation, that’s also extremely helpful. Here’s what your donation could cover:

  • £25: This could help pay for an emergency call with a Shelter adviser
  • £50: This could help us answer a call from a homeless family who urgently needs help
  • £80: This could enable a legal adviser to complete an application for legal aid funding
  • £100: This could help to pay for legal advice to help a family in crisis keep their home


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0300 330 1234