Spinal Research

Spinal Research is the UK’s leading charity funding research to develop reliable treatments for spinal cord injury. Every year, 1,000 people in the UK and Ireland are paralysed following an injury to their spinal cord. Spinal Research raises money to fund research into clinical treatments as well as vital scientific research such clinical tools to better understand the injury caused and for the devastating effects on daily living such as breathing, hand movement, and bladder and bowel control.

Did you know...

Thanks to the innovative research Spinal Research has funded, many experimental treatments - including those to restore movement and feeling - have had positive effects on spinal cord injury in the research laboratory. The charity is determined to see these treatments transferred to clinics, to help transform the lives of more paralysed people.

This medical research will not only benefit people with a spinal cord injury but also advance treatments for multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke, dementia and motor neurone disease.

What makes Spinal Research different

The most effective treatments for spinal cord injury and its devastating and life-changing effects will come from medical researchers across the globe collaborating. Spinal Research is committed to developing world-class centres of excellence to drive innovation and discovery.

Other ways to support

If you would like to support Spinal Research by organising your own event then contact the charity directly at community@spinal-research.org or 020 7653 8935 for your FREE fundraising pack. Why not sign up to the Big Brew campaign and get your friends, family and colleagues round for a cuppa and piece of cake to raise money?

Apply for a place in Tough Mudder; Brighton and London Marathons; London 10,000 and Royal Parks Half Marathon. If you have your own place in one of these races, or another race, please get in touch if you'd like to support Spinal Research.


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