St John Ambulance - East Region

As the nation's leading first aid charity, we want to teach everyone simple, life-saving skills and ensure everyone who needs first aid, receives it from those around them. No one should suffer for the lack of trained first aiders.

Did you know...

Every year, more than 400,000 people learn how to save a life through our training programmes, including hundreds of thousands of young people.

We were started before the NHS and are currently celebrating our 140th Birthday.

How your support will help

Supporting St John Ambulance – East region will allow us to continue our great work in the east of England by providing our first aiders the tools and the training they need to save lives.

Other ways to support

We always need volunteers to be first aiders but we are also looking for fundraising volunteers too.

We need people who can help us raise awareness and promote the great work we do.

Please do get in touch if you think you can be the DIFFERENCE.

St John Ambulance


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Contact Number

08700 104950