The Foyer Federation via our network of Foyers has spent the last two decades inspiring young people to realise their power and purpose. These are young people aged 16-25 across the UK who can't live at home for varies reason, however, are some of the most resilient individuals of their generation.

Did you know...

Through our network of members we support over 5,000 young people (45% female) who can’t live at home each year.

The Foyer Federation develops good practice and impactful services in over 70 Foyers across the UK that offer young people:

Live - A good place to live

Learn - A learning offer that builds confidence and skills

Work - Access to relevant work opportunities

What makes The Foyer Federation different

We believe an Advantaged Thinking approach that focuses on young people’s assets alongside a something for something deal that gives young people the best foundation from which they can develop and thrive.

Advantaged Thinking

Advantaged Thinking is an alternative to labelling and defining young people by what they are ‘not’ (e.g. NEET) and seen as ‘problems’ to be solved or ‘victims’ in need of charity. It is all about taking a positive view through positive action by understanding ability, recognising qualities, promoting achievements and inspiring what is possible.

Something for something

A ‘something for something’ deal is a contractual relationship between the young person and the service. This places a clear responsibility on the young person to engage with what the Foyer has to offer. However it works both ways as the Foyer is expected to tailor their offer so that each young person builds the resources they need to take them on the next stage of their journey. It models the idea that we, as adults, are responsible for unlocking the talent and potential of the generation that follows us and enabling them to take their place in the world.

Other ways to support

Becoming an Advantaged Thinker

The Foyer Federation has developed programmes that enable people to be Advantaged Thinkers and to apply this thinking in their approach, the language they use, their teams and organisations strategy and how they work with - not just young people - but all audiences. To find out about upcoming workshops please contact


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