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  • The Honeypot Children’s Charity provides help and opportunities for young carers in the UK aged 5-12. The charity works towards offering safe respite for young carers to ensure they can develop their potential in a nurturing environment.
  • Honeypot works closely with an extensive variety of organisations that provide complementary skills for young people. They assess the child’s welfare network to create a tailored program of care, ensuring their individual needs are being met.
  • Depending on the need and available funds, Honeypot can provide help to a young carer for up to 8 years, ensuring they get as much help as they need while navigating the demands of caring. From respite breaks to outreach support, Honeypot prioritises the well-being of young carers and aims to facilitate a safe space for children in need.

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Learn more about The Honey Pot Children’s Charity

Whether you are a young carer in need of some help, or you know someone who is struggling, get in touch with The Honey Pot Children’s Charity today. If caring is taking its toll on your schooling or you don’t find much time for play or seeing you friends, find more information about how The Honey Pot Children’s Charity can help you by checking out the website today.

How they support: From grants to business start-up advice

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Ways you can help: Volunteering

Volunteering with the Honeypot Children's Charity provides direct support to programs that offer respite and care for vulnerable children facing adversity. Your involvement, whether through organising events, mentoring, or fundraising, contributes to creating a nurturing environment that allows these children to experience moments of joy and relief from their challenging circumstances. By dedicating your time and skills, you play a crucial role in building a more compassionate community and fostering hope for those who need it most.

Other ways you can help: Donate one-time

If you can only afford to make a one-time donation, that’s also extremely helpful. Here’s what your donation could cover:

  • £20: This could provide 10 birthday cards for young carers.
  • £25: This could pay for ice-creams on an outreach day for a group of young carers.
  • £50: This could cover a Memory Making Day to the seaside.
  • £100: This could fund all the food on a three day residential break for 6 young carers.


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Contact Number

020 7602 2631