The Mental Health Foundation was founded in 1949 as a means of addressing the inequalities facing those experiencing mental health problems, living with learning disabilities or living with reduced mental capacity.

The Foundation believes that everyone has the right to good mental health and that as a society we need to focus on addressing mental health problems now.

Did you know...

The charity runs Mental Health Awareness Week every year between 11th and 14th May, and people are encouraged to hold events to encourage people to talk openly about mental health.

The Mental Health Foundation has decades of experience in research, evaluation and translating evidence into solutions that can be put to widespread use across the mental health spectrum.

What makes The Mental Health Foundation different

They pride themselves on their ability to spot gaps in knowledge about mental health and to use research to fill them; piloting new approaches for looking after mental health and evaluating larger scale projects to share findings.

But the charity is not just about mental illness; they also focus on ways to help everyone look after their mental well being, e.g. their on-line mindfulness course.

Their work spans all age groups and empowers people to take control of and manage their own mental health.

Other ways to support

Supporters can help the charity by holding an event during Mental Health Awareness week, holding a Tea and Talk event for World Mental Health day or by sharing their experience of mental health with us.


Colechurch House 1st Floor, 1 London Bridge Walk

Contact Number

020 7803 1100