Around 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. It can be a very unhappy, frightening and lonely experience. The Miscarriage Association strives to make a positive difference to everyone it affects by: providing support and information; supporting research; promoting good hospital care; and raising public awareness of the facts and feelings of pregnancy loss.We help people through.

Did you know...

The Miscarriage Association is a small UK charity with a huge reach:

• 5 paid staff

• 50 support volunteers

• 5,000 direct requests for help in 2016/17

• 1.38 million website visits in 2016/17

• Operating on an annual budget of £250,000

• Highly respected by health professionals & by the media.

What makes The Miscarriage Association different

Miscarriage is a sadly common experience, yet it remains something of a taboo. However early in the pregnancy, for most women and their partners miscarriage means the loss of a baby, and if others don’t understand, they can feel intensely isolated. We offer that understanding, along with clear and accurate information about causes, treatment and processes. Our staff and Trustees are committed to excellent management and governance, working to a 5 year strategic plan to develop the charity and ensure it is relevant and responsive to all who may need it. And we make every penny count!

Other ways to support

By helping us raise awareness – of miscarriage and of the services that the Miscarriage Association can provide. And by being willing to listen and talk about pregnancy loss, to make it less of a taboo.


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