The Prince’s Trust is a champion of young people in the UK, and passionately believes that, despite all challenges that youth can face, including unemployment, homelessness and being in trouble with the law, young people can still succeed in life.

This is where valuable donations come in. By being part of the Prince’s Trust community, supporters can help give vulnerable young people the chance to build a life for themselves. Donations help contribute to projects that provide life-changing opportunities. For example, young people are able to find help to get a job, start a business, or get funding to train and boost their own skillset.

Projects and programmes

“Mosaic" is an accredited mentoring programme in schools, that creates opportunities for 11 to 30 year-olds who’ve grown up in deprived communities. Part of the Mosaic project is a year-long programme for those in secondary school. It offers a package of opportunities including talks from inspirational speaker presentations, as well as connecting students to role models that will combine real-life experience with a structured programme designed to raise self-confidence and future employment.

The charity also runs a national ex-offender programme for adults between 18 and 30 years old. Working on a one-to-one basis, this mentoring scheme pairs an ex-offender for 12 months for two hours per month. Volunteer mentors and offenders meet around 6 months before being released, and will work together to help secure housing and full-time work.

These are just two examples of the many projects throughout the UK designed to help vulnerable young people fulfil their potential.

How important is your support to The Prince’s Trust?

Without donations, The Prince’s Trust firmly believes that people from challenging backgrounds won’t ever reach their potential. For every £1 donation, 87p goes towards the charity’s activities and helping young people.

Youth unemployment is an increasingly big issue in the UK, and roughly half a million young people aren’t in work. In 2017 the charity supported 57,000 young people. Crucially 75% of those got into work, education or some form of training.

More ways to show your support

There are many ways that individuals or groups can support The Prince’s Trust.

Volunteering is a great tangible way to help a young person turn their life around. There are many opportunities that include working in-office, or working one-to-one with young people. Visit the Prince’s Trust’s volunteer section on their website to find a role suitable to you.

If your company doesn’t support a charity, why not consider putting The Prince’s Trust forward as a Charity of the Year candidate? The Prince’s Trust has a track record of creating award-winning partnerships with British companies. They offer employees and companies’ real-life opportunities to help young people. Take a look at their How Your Business Can Help section to find out more information.

Anyone looking for inspiration trying to find a fun way to fundraise, should look at the downloadable guide in the fundraising section on their website.


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