The Word Forest's three key pledges reap far more than three rewards

They expand the forests in Kenya by planting trees in impoverished, and deforested communities. They also replace mud-hut schools with solid, stone-constructed classrooms. Furthermore, they facilitate environmental education in many ways. Reinforcing the need to share best practice for forest guardianship.

Their approach to mitigating the devastating effects of climate change, is people-based. They're taking care of the human needs of folks living on the front line and tending the forests in very challenging circumstances.

They're removing tonnes of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) from the atmosphere and the commodities from the forests are lifting the communities out of poverty. Their charity model is a win-win for the planet and all who inhabit it

Did you know...

Founders Tracey and Simon West, have been planting trees and building classrooms in Kenya since 2012. It started with a Wedding Forest, planted to celebrate their union as second time arounders.

To boost their reforestation efforts, Tracey founded an international writing contest called The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize. It had a £3,000 prize fund and the £5 entry fee was converted into trees and building materials for urgently needed classrooms. The trees created 'Word Forests' around the school compounds and immediately engaged the students who wanted to learn about the true value of trees.

The charity was formed to seriously scale up the beloved Word Forests and increase the positive impacts being felt by communities, who had identified a route to lifting themselves out of poverty.

What makes The Word Forest different

They're taking a holistic approach to mitigating the effects of climate change, reinvigorating deforested land, helping biodiversity to flourish, creating safe habitats for wildlife and humans, and alleviating poverty. The great news is, it's working! It's centered around getting those all important trees in the ground and the best way to do that is to #LookBeyondTheProblem

It’s easy enough to plant saplings on the forest floor, but nurturing them to maturity takes human planning, management, education, water and tender care.

They take the GPS coordinates of our trees and guarantee that if they die for any reason, they’ll replace them.

By building classrooms, they're creating spaces where children can go to school and adults study too, sharing best practice for looking after the forests.

Other ways to support

Financial donations are incredibly useful, but there are lots of other ways you can help them and many of them won't cost you a bean!

  • Spread the big green love online: Liking and Sharing their Facebook and Twitter feeds, will help them find new supporters by giving us a digital boost.

  • Organise a fundraising event: they'd be delighted to assist with anything from a sponsored sports day, to a coffee and cake sale.

  • Join the band of volunteers: there are always funky chores to be done in our Lyme Regis office but they have some tasks that can be done remotely too.

  • Green up your workplace: we can help companies offset their carbon and develop environmental policies too. It's all good for their CSR and our planet.


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