We work with Tibetans in Tibet and those living in exile in India and Nepal, providing vital education, life-saving healthcare and community development to help Tibetans build a brighter future.

Did you know...

We started in 1959 as there was a huge influx of Tibetan refugees fleeing Tibet into India & Nepal, in need of food and shelter.

Many Tibetans have remained in these countries but still live as refugees hoping to return one day to Tibet.

China’s occupation, oppressive policies and large-scale abuse of human rights in Tibet prevent Tibetans from returning to their home country. Tibetans continue to escape, although tighter restrictions mean fewer people can do so.

We support small, local projects which help Tibetans with education and healthcare, and run a sponsorship programme for over 600 children, elderly people, Buddhist monks and nuns.

Tibet Relief Fund Tibet Relief Fund

What makes Tibet Relief Fund different

The Dalai Lama is our patron. We are one of the oldest Tibet charities and we work on a small local scale, so it’s easy to see the difference our work makes to individual peoples’ lives. We have a close working relationship with our partner projects and help them to develop as well as giving them grants. Because of our supporters, many more Tibetans have access to education and healthcare and have choice over their futures. We also help to preserve Tibetan culture e.g. by funding two Tibetan teachers in Nepal to teach Tibetan language and culture to Tibetan students.

Other ways to support

Telling people about us!

Doing a challenge event for us

Buying Tibetan gifts from our shop www.enlightenedgifts.org


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