TinyLife support premature and sick babies and their families in Northern Ireland. For almost 30 years, they’ve been dedicated to reducing premature birth, illness, disability and death in babies. The charity was started by healthcare professionals and concerned parents in the Belfast area in response to the growing number of babies requiring special or intensive care at birth.

Did you know...

Six babies a day are born prematurely in Northern Ireland. On top of this, there are two stillbirths every week on average. This is why TinyLife exists and why their work is so important. They help to lessen the huge needs of the parents of tiny babies at the start of their long lives.

Equally as important, TinyLife supports those who work to determine the cause of why these children are so tiny at the start of their journey, with the aim helping them live a long and fulfilled life.

They also provide a range of support services for family members including neo-natal support, breast pump loan service, parent support groups, baby massage class, and practical advice. They also fund research into maternal and child health and family support services.

What makes TinyLife different

They are the only established charity in Northern Ireland which supports premature and sick babies and their families. This makes their work and research all the more important for families with premature and ill babies. Like the babies they aim to support, they may be Tiny but aim to make a big impression.

Since they began, they have raised over £500,000 for medical research, increased their range of available support services, developed a range of educational leaflets, and facilitated conferences for health professionals and families.

Other ways to support

One of the main ways you can support TinyLife is by volunteering with families and at their fundraising events. There are always plenty of fundraisers going on, such as skydives, colour runs, ziplines, and outdoor challenges.

Whether you’d like to volunteer or join in, it’s a great way to support the work of TinyLife. Plus, you could also join a support group if you think you would be able to commit to the role. You can find out more details on their website.


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