Toucan Employment is the UK’s longest-running supported employment charity for people with learning difficulties/disabilities; we aim to reduce the social exclusion of our clients from the London boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham, Brent, and Haringey by aiding them to find and retain employment.

Our service is tailored to meet both the needs of the job-seeker and the employer by offering full support during the whole of the recruitment process; we offer on-the-job support and job coaching to meet the needs of our clients and their employers as required.

Did you know...

  • People with learning difficulties/disabilities only have an employment rate of between 5-15% nationally, but of the 235 clients we worked with last year, 165 were in some form of employment (70%).

  • We have clients who have been in the same job for 25 years.

  • In the last 10 years we have supported well over 550 people with learning difficulties/disabilities into paid employment with employers including all the major supermarkets, London hotels and museums, the Houses of Parliament, and many more smaller employers.

  • Many clients referred to us have never previous worked, or not worked for more than 10 years.

What makes Toucan Employment different

Toucan Employment’s method of working – mainly, 1:1, very person-centred and holistic means a very high rate of clients into employment, and sustained employment.

Additionally, as our support is not time-limited, it means a much better rate of sustained employment as we can return to offer on-the-job support if needed and requested by either the client or the employer – we always remain in contact with clients and employers and have come back in to support clients at work when there have been changes, years after our initial support; without this on-going support these clients would have lost their roles.

Other ways to support

We are always looking for new employers to work with, and place, clients in work experience or employment, so any interested businesses would be a great help.

We are going to be developing some more opportunities to help over the year.


Rm LG02 Thames Reach Employment Academy, 29 Peckham Road

Contact Number

020 3751 9681