World Child Cancer’s vision is a world where every child with cancer has equal access to the best treatment and care. Our mission is to improve diagnosis, treatment and support for children with cancer, and their families, in the developing world.

Over 300,000 children worldwide develop cancer each year. If the disease is detected early enough, many of these children can be cured - 80% of children with cancer in the developed world survive. However, in developing countries, survival rates can be as low as 10%, and many children die, without effective pain relief. A reason for this inequality is that many children remain undiagnosed, or are diagnosed too late to be cured, due to a shortage of trained doctors and nurses in-country.

World Child Cancer is dedicated to addressing the disparity of cancer care for children across the world. We believe that every child, no matter where they are born should have equal access to the best possible treatment and care.

Did you know...

Who do we help?

We help some of the poorest, most vulnerable children worldwide access cancer diagnosis, treatment and support.

Why do we do this?

Childhood cancer survival rates are as high as 80% in developed countries but as low as 10% in the developing world. We want to even the odds for children with cancer.

How do we do this?

By forming twinning partnerships between hospitals in developing countries and those in the developed world, funding awareness raising programmes and covering essential treatment costs, we give more children a faster route to better treatment.

What makes World Child Cancer different

We build and fund partnerships which link together hospitals in the developed world with childhood cancer units in developing countries. What makes these partnerships possible is that many of the world's leading hospitals, doctors and nurses give their time for free – training healthcare professionals around the world where they are needed most. This voluntary medical aid enables us to fund vital services and tools to ensure children and their families receive the support they need.

Other ways to support

As well as raising funds, we need to raise awareness about childhood cancer in the developing world. Survival rates for children with cancer in the developing world are so low because a lack of awareness and understanding of childhood cancer and the inability local healthcare workers to spot early warning signs and symptoms.

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