Worldwide Veterinary Service helps animals in places no-one else can. They provide free expert care to animals in need all over the world. This is done by sending volunteer vets where they are needed most, training new vets to increase the standard of care globally and by shipping urgent aid supplies worldwide, every week of the year.

How Savoo customers help...

For every £20 raised, WVS can send a parcel full of essential veterinary aid to a struggling animal charity doing their best for the animals in their care.

For every £50 raised, WVS can vaccinate and sterilise 5 street dogs in India or Thailand, protecting them from deadly diseases and safely controlling the population.

For a world where every animal receives the care it deserves

Right now, thousands of animals are suffering silently with no chance of ever receiving veterinary care. Like you, we don’t think this is fair. That’s why WVS are dedicated to getting veterinary support wherever it is needed. It’s why, last year, they treated over 56,000 animals globally, and sent over 1,100 parcels full of much-needed veterinary supplies to those who need it most. It’s also why they trained more than 950 vets, to allow more animals to receive the care they deserve and to make sure that everything they do is completely sustainable.

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They also offer incredible volunteering opportunities for vets and passionate animal lovers – check them out!


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