WVS (Worldwide Veterinary Service) is a UK registered charity providing veterinary resources to help animals all over the world, championing animal welfare and treating animals in places where no one else can.

Did you know...

WVS offers free care to struggling animal charities and non-profit organisations around the world as well as running their own projects and training programmes. We conduct welfare education and conservation operations as well as the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals. When it’s needed, we also send out emergency teams of vets and vet nurses to help animals during times of natural disasters and conflict. In an everage year we help over 24,000 animals worldwide.

What makes WVS different

WVS is one of the only charities pooling veterinary resources to create a united veterinary resources. We now support thousands of charities in over 100 countries, run 3 international training centres and educate around 500 vets a year. We aim to not only help all animals that need our help, but also the local communities in which they live and work.

Other ways to support

Supporters can fundraise for us, volunteer on one of our trips or at an event in the UK.


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