By Alexandra Fullerton


Clothes strewn across the floor… the clock is ticking… but still you have nothing to wear! Sounds familiar? If you want to avoid early morning wardrobe rage it’s time to curate a capsule wardrobe. Having a smaller selection of clothes creates a calmer experience when it comes to getting dressed, while a capsule wardrobe allows you to cultivate a more considered style and avoid expensive mistakes. Surveys show that women only wear 20% of their wardrobe, 80% of the time (while the other 80% sits around gathering dust, contributing to the £10billion worth of unworn clothes in UK wardrobes.)

To create a successful capsule wardrobe, start by deciphering your own style. Think honestly about your lifestyle, body shape and the clothes you wear most. What gets you the most compliments? What do you feel happiest in? These pieces will likely follow a pattern and you should be able to pick three words that describe your personal style. Is it glamorous, colourful, sporty, minimal, tailored or bohemian? Everything you own should represent those words. If you’re drawn to something in the shops that doesn’t fit your style mantra, put it back. You’ll never wear it.

Fashion collage displaying capsule wardrobe essentials

Your edited wardrobe must reflect your own personal style but these ten trans-seasonal garments will create the perfect capsule. They all go together and will work for every occasion…

  1. A day-to-night dress
  2. A denim dress
  3. A blazer
  4. Jeans
  5. A detailed jumper
  6. A classic t-shirt
  7. A statement skirt
  8. A weekend jacket
  9. Tailored trousers
  10. A crisp shirt

Look in your current wardrobe - if you have any of these pieces already, don’t buy more! But if you need to add in some essentials, follow Vivienne Westwood’s mantra to “buy less, choose well and make it last." Spend as much as you can to find quality pieces that won’t date. COS and ARKET are great stores on the high street for simple silhouettes in luxurious shapes. Monsoon and Marks & Spencer are ideal if you prefer print and pattern while Jigsaw and French Connection are the perfect spots for tailoring.

Think about choosing a tonal colour palette for maximum versatility and look at complimentary fabrics so everything works together. Each top in this list will work with every one of the bottoms to give you maximum outfit options. Then think outside the box. Yes, the tailored trousers and shirt suit the office, but wearing the trousers with a t-shirt for drinks will give it a fresh look. Try the statement skirt and a blazer for work or with the jumper at the weekend. The day to night dress just needs a change of heels and jewellery to take you through to dinner and drinks and if you choose dark denim (instead of pale, bleached washes) you can wear the jeans or dress for work too.

Living your life without the burden of a bulging wardrobe will save you money, create calm and you’ll look more stylish. So, what are you waiting for?

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