Beauty Works Haircare: Product Review

beauty works haircare

When samples of the new haircare range from Beauty Works were sent to the Savoo office to review I pounced on them immediately. My haircare regime is stuck in a bit of a rut, so it was the perfect excuse to give my hair a bit of a boost.

So without further ado, here is my verdict on the Beauty Works range.

The haircare verdict

Pearl Nourishing Shampoo

I’ll start by saying that I am very particular with my shampoo. Having naturally oily hair (with frustratingly dry and tangled ends), it can be a mission to find products that keep it nourished without making it instantly greasy.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Pearl Nourishing Shampoo wasn’t heavy at all. In fact, my hair was literally squeaking when I rinsed it out, and after blow drying it stayed shiny and full of body for 24 hours, without the need for a dry shampoo top-up!

The only drawback was that I needed to use more of the product to get good coverage, since it didn’t lather as well as other shampoos I’ve used.

Pearl Nourishing Conditioner

The Argan Oil and Milk Protein Conditioner really stood out to me out of all the Beauty Works haircare products. This conditioner is not only light, but it detangles my long hair perfectly and allows me to comb it through easily first time (without ripping out half my scalp!).

Heat Protection Spray

Despite having spent the last 10 years of my life blow drying and straightening my hair almost every day, I am woefully lazy when it comes to using heat protection spray (perhaps this explains the dry split ends? Hmmm…).

After applying the Heat Protection Spray and started blow drying, I must admit I was sceptical- it seemed to take much longer to dry than I’m used to.

But once it had finally dried, my hair was without a doubt shinier and less frizzy than usual- I could have even gone without straightening it since it was already so smooth. And I didn’t feel so bad about frying it with heat products on a daily basis.

Serum with Argan Oil

Beauty Works recommends using the serum daily to maintain healthy hair and extensions, and I can see why.

Let me start by saying that the serum smells DELICIOUS. So delicious people actually commented on how my hair smelt like watermelon. I tried using the serum on a day that I didn’t use my GHDs, and it tamed the frizz and smoothed out the dry flyaway strands.

My one tip would be to use it sparingly and avoid your roots like the plague, especially if you have naturally oily hair like me; stick to the ends so you don’t end up with greasy locks.

Pearl Nourishing Mask

I absolutely love using hair masks; there is something very indulgent about the whole process of wallowing around in the bath with a deep conditioning treatment, and then emerging swanlike with beautifully moisturised hair.

The Pearl Nourishing Mask from Beauty Works is enriched with Argan Oil, Milk Protein and Keratin, and after leaving it on for just five minutes my hair was completely tangle free.

However, due to the naturally oily texture of my hair I would only use this mask as an occasional evening treatment, since it was a little too heavy for daytime use. But I imagine if you have very dry, thick hair it would do wonders for keeping it moisturised.


All in all, I’ve been super impressed with the Beauty Works haircare range, pictured above; and would wholeheartedly recommend these products.

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