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Get the Food You Want from London Restaurants at Uber Eats

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Uber Eats FAQs

What are the best Uber Eats promo codes?

Get Special Offers with Uber Eats' Email Sign Up - Get Deal

Get the Food You Want from London Restaurants at Uber Eats - Get Deal

Where can I find an Uber Eats promo code?

Find your personal Uber Eats promo codes by opening the app and clicking account then promotions. Here you'll see all valid discounts and deals ready to redeem on your next food delivery order. Plus, right here at Savoo you'll find even more discounts and deals so you can feast for less.

What types of food can I get on Uber Eats?

Discover worldwide cuisines from the comfort of your own home on Uber Eats. Find Italian, Indian, Thai, American, Japanese and French flavours to name a few. Remember that Uber Eats doesn’t operate in every city yet so you might find you’re limited by your location. It’s important that the food you get tastes great, and one way this happens is by only showing you restaurants which are local to the delivery area.

Why isn’t my favourite restaurant on Uber Eats?

The restaurant you have in mind might be in an area that isn’t currently served by Uber Eats. However, if it’s in a serviced area and not listed, let them know via the app or website and let them do the rest.

Are there Uber Eats competitions?

Yes, partner restaurants often run competitions so check back regularly to see what’s on. You could find yourself winning anything from free delivery to a whole meal. That’s tonight’s dinner sorted!

How long does delivery take on Uber Eats?

Delivery partners aim to deliver within 15 minutes from restaurant collection to ensure your food reaches you at its best. You may have to wait longer at peak times, but you'll get an ETA before you place your order so you won’t be left waiting for too long. Don’t forget to rate your Uber Eats experience too.

How to save money at Uber Eats

Uber Eats delivery food bowl Discovering local restaurants on a budget has never been easier. The user-friendly app sends push notifications to let you know where your order is up to, prompts you to use money-saving discount codes and even asks whether you want extra napkins and sauce. Cut the costs of your next Saturday night in with these money saving tips.

Promo codes are added automatically

Money saving vouchers are automatically added to your order before you pay, so you’ll be saving money without even thinking about it. Rest assured that you’ll always be getting the best price for your food - making it taste even better when it finally arrives.

Uber Eats works hard to make sure you can save money. The app applies restaurant promos first, then the highest value account promo is added next to ensure you’re saving the most money. Select your preferred promo code to apply to a specific order and the app can save your preferences for future orders.

Find budget eateries in an instant

With so many restaurants to order from, ordering food on a budget is simple. Look out for budget-friendly restaurants that have one £ sign beneath their name. The more expensive they get, the more £ signs there are, making it easy to spot low cost options instantly. Sort your results by price to find food within your budget quickly and easily.

How do I use an Uber Eats discount code?

  1. Go to your profile in the app or on the website
  2. Select “add promotions"
  3. Select “add promo"
  4. Enter the code and select “add promo"
  5. Order your food and the voucher will be automatically applied to your order

Remember you must add promo codes to your account before placing an order. Uber Eats promo code box