How to… Create the perfect Valentine’s Meal

Only one night to go until Valentine’s Day- the holiday that strikes fear through the hearts (and wallets) of people across the UK. Yes, you could go out for dinner and spend a fortune at a nice restaurant, but staying in for a home cooked dinner is often a cheaper and more intimate alternative. Here at Savoo we have put together a simple guide to creating the perfect Valentine’s meal, using a selection of our favourite deals. Happy cooking!


Start the day as you mean to go on and treat your partner to a yummy breakfast smoothie first thing on Friday morning. This simple recipe from is easy to follow and is packed full of vitamins to show how much you care (aww). You will need:

–    1 ripe banana
–    140g blackberries
–    Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries
–    Optional apple juice or mineral water

–    Runny honey to serve

Slice the banana and put into a blender along with your chosen berries. Blend until smooth and pour in juice or water until it reaches your desired consistency. Pour into a glass, pop a few extra fruits on top and drizzle with honey. Enjoy with a stack of pancakes (homemade of course).

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Friday evening: if we were in a romcom the table would be set, the lighting turned down low and music playing softly in the background… all that’s needed is the perfect aperitif to spark the appetite. Wine cocktails are relatively simple to make and do not require a fully stocked liquor cabinet- San Francisco Sangaree is of our favourites, taken from Cosmopolitan magazine. You will need:

–    4 cherries
–    Â¼ oz. simple syrup
–    1½ oz. merlot
–    1 oz. bourbon
–    1 lemon slice


To make simple syrup, mix equal parts hot water and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Muddle cherries in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, simple syrup, wine, bourbon, and lemon slice. Shake and strain into a glass.


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Scallops make a quick and impressive starter (but precise timing is essential to keep them them tender and delectable). At Savoo we love this recipe from for hazelnut butter grilled scallops with salad. You will need:
–    1 tsp olive oil
–    1 shallot, peeled, finely sliced
–    75g/2½oz butter, softened
–    Â½ lemon, zest only
–    1 tbsp. finely chopped fresh chervil
–    1 tbsp. finely chopped fresh chives
–    45g/1½oz hazelnuts, finely chopped
–    salt and freshly ground black pepper

–    6 scallops, cleaned

Heat a frying pan until warm, add the olive oil and shallot and fry until softened but not coloured. Placed the cooked shallot in a bowl with the remaining scallop ingredients and the butter (but do not add the scallops yet). Season to taste and mix well. Place the scallops onto a grill tray and top with a spoonful of the hazelnut butter, and place under a preheated grill for 3-4 minutes. Serve with a simple salad.

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Main Course

Unless you are skilled in the kitchen, planning and cooking a romantic main course for your partner can be a nerve jangling experience. However, you can’t go far wrong with a perfectly cooked steak- Savoo has teamed up with Donald Russell to offer over 50% off their traditional steak selection, made from pure grass-fed UK beef.

Our favourite recipes for your steak main course (which are almost completely fool proof) include:


By this point your partner should be so bowled away by the ambience, delicious food, wine and delightful conversation that all you need to do is invest in a selection of handmade chocolates to finish off the meal. The Valentine’s Tease Tin from contains three caramel truffles in a retro tin, and only costs £2.50. Alternatively, take a look at our selection of deals to find a different chocolaty treat. Serve with a pot of freshly brewed coffee- or a digestif if you don’t feel like sobering up just yet…

Can’t be bothered with Valentine’s Day?

Think Valentine’s Day is a commercial scam? Do away with the fancy food and wine, get on the phone and order yourself a takeaway. We promise we won’t tell anyone!

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