SKT Welfare

SKT Welfare concentrates on providing food and water to the homeless and refugees, as well as providing healthcare, and establishing sustainable projects. The charity currently operates in several countries around the world, including Syria, Palestine, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia and the UK.

 Did you know...

SKT Welfare operates a 100% donation policy

Most of our work is carried out by experience and committed volunteers

None of our work is outsourced to other agencies

What makes SKT Welfare different

SKT Welfare truly believes in standing for humanity and this is showcased in the type of causes we raise money for. Our Springs of Hope Family Centre is but one example of this. The Syrian crisis left behind countless orphans and widows, struggling to survive in unknown shores. SKT Welfare is proud to have built a unique family centre which houses and supports not only Syrian orphans but their mothers too. The need was to house Syrians and SKT Welfare did just that and for this, we are forever thankful to our donors and supporters. Our work speaks for us and we take pride in what we have all been able to achieve in a short space of time, and look forward to #Standing4Humanity in the future.

 Other ways to support

Outside of donations, supporters can help SKT Welfare by donating their TIME. We have a number of community initiatives such as visiting the homeless, helping out in our soup kitchens and visiting the elderly and ill children. By taking part in these activities, people can directly #stand4humanity

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SKT Welfare

SKT Welfare

SKT Welfare


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