Bowel Research UK look forward to a day when no-one will die of bowel cancer or have to live with chronic bowel disease. They are looking to achieve this by funding the best research into bowel cancer, IBD, IBS and other bowel problems.

Did you know...

• Bowel Research UK started life back in the 1990s as The London Immunotherapy Cancer Centre by Prof Norman William.

• Back in 2012, they raised over £2.5m to open the first National Bowel Research Centre in the UK. The aim of the research centre was to bring scientists, clinicians, companies, charity and the public together to drive improvements in diagnosis, treatment and care for people diagnosed with digestive conditions.

• Bowel cancer is the second biggest killer of cancers after lung cancer, yet nine in 10 people will survive when it’s caught at stage one for five years or more. This is among the very best of any cancer statistic, and they want to make people more aware of this.

What makes Bowel Research UK different

We concentrate our funds on pioneering research into ALL bowel diseases, and aim to enable sufferers or survivors to reach those who can help.

Other ways to support

There are a diverse range of challenges and events for supporters of all abilities to get involved in, to raise awareness and key funds. They also encourage supporters to come down to events and support their fundraisers. Their goal is to create a nationwide network of support for this cause.


National Centre for Bowel Research 1st Floor Abernethy Building 2 Newark Street
E1 2AT

Contact Number

020 7882 8749