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  • An allergy refers to the immune system's reaction to typically harmless substances, including pollens, foods, and house dust mites.
  • While these substances do not cause any issues for most individuals, those with allergies have an immune system that perceives them as a threat and responds inappropriately.
  • Allergies are prevalent, affecting over 25% of the population in the UK at some stage in their lives. They are especially common among children. While certain allergies may diminish as a child grows older, many persist throughout a person's lifetime. By signing up to Savoo and selecting Allergy UK as your charity, they will receive free donations every time you shop online.

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Learn more about Allergy UK

Allergy UK possesses an extensive range of research and expertise, resulting in an extensive compilation of resources suitable for individuals seeking information on optimal cooking ingredients, allergen avoidance, and catering guidelines for events and social gatherings. In collaboration with Pure Family Food, they have curated a collection of recipes that are free from the 14 EU allergens, including dairy, eggs, gluten, and peanuts, among others.

For professionals in the catering industry, Allergy UK has established partnerships with multiple organisations capable of providing training and qualifications. It is crucial that individuals involved in the procurement, delivery, production, and service of food in the catering sector possess comprehensive knowledge of allergens.

Furthermore, the charity develops resources to ensure that schools are adequately prepared and equipped to manage students with allergies. Allergy UK collaborates with the European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology to create user-friendly guidelines and self-assessment tools for schools to meet the necessary standards.

How they support: Plugging in the gap between healthcare services and those affected by allergies

The U.K. has a remarkably high prevalence of allergic conditions, with over 20% of the population being affected by one or more allergic disorders. Astonishingly a staggering 44% of British adults have at least one allergy, and this number continues to rise. A significant number of individuals in the U.K. live in constant fear of experiencing an asthma attack or anaphylactic shock at any given moment, or even worse, the fear of potentially losing their lives due to an allergy if they happen to be in an unfavourable situation.

Allergy UK serves as a vital link between healthcare services and those impacted by this disease. The primary objective of this charitable organisation is to enhance the visibility and recognition of allergies at all levels. Their ultimate vision is to ensure that every individual affected by allergies receives the highest quality care and support. For anyone in need of assistance in comprehending or managing an allergy, the charity's helpline is readily available. Additionally, the organisation collaborates with the U.K. government, professional bodies, and other entities to work towards their vision of improving the lives of millions suffering from allergic diseases.

Ways you can help: Donate monthly

Donating to Allergy UK is a quick and easy way to make sure that you’re having a direct, positive impact on those suffering from allergies and allergy-related diseases across the U.K. If you were to donate monthly, this is what each amount would cover:

  • £8: allows the charity to keep their helpline open to provide information and support
  • £15: helps the charity to provide support from its nurse advisors and dieticians
  • £25: helps Allergy UK in its campaign to make the U.K. take allergy seriously

Other ways you can help: Join Allergy UK’s team of volunteers

There are so many volunteering opportunities that need to be filled by those who feel deeply passionate about Allergy UK’s cause. Some examples include:

  • Campaign Volunteer
  • Helpline Support Volunteer
  • Fundraising Volunteer
  • Youth Support Volunteer
  • Youth Activities Volunteer

Take a look at Allergy UK’s volunteering page and apply for the role that you believe you fit best.


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