Allergies (aka allergic diseases) are caused someone’s immune system being very sensitive to substances in the environment that are usually harmless to the average human.

The UK in particular has one of the highest rates of allergic conditions in the world. More than 1 in 5 of us is affected by one or more allergic disorder. Staggeringly, 44% of British adults have at least one allergy, and this continues to rise. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK live in fear of an asthma attack or anaphylactic shock at any time, or worse - living in fear they may die because of an allergy if they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Allergy UK plugs the gap between healthcare services and those affected by this disease. The charity’s mission is to raise the profile of allergy at all levels, and their vision for everyone affected by allergy to get the best care and support. Their Helpline is there for everyone who needs their help in understanding or coping with an allergy. The charity also works with government and professional bodies and more towards their vision to help improve the millions with allergic disease.

Information and Advice

Allergy UK’s wealth of research and knowledge has produced a vast list of resources for anyone including anybody that needs to know what foods are best to cook, or what ingredients to avoid, or catering guidelines for anybody supplying food for events and socials. Teaming up with Pure Family Food, they produced a list of recipes, free from the 14 EU allergens meaning they’re dairy/egg/gluten/peanut free to name a few!

For caters, Allergy UK has multiple partners able to train and provide qualifications to anybody in the catering industry. It is of paramount importance that those responsible for purchasing, delivering, producing and serving food in the catering industry have excellent knowledge of allergens.

The charity also creates resources in order for schools to be prepared and managed properly for students with allergies. Allergy UK works with the European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology to produce user-friendly guidelines and self-assessments for schools to be up to par.

Important dates to bear in mind

29 April - 3 May: Allergy Awareness Week

Other ways to support Allergy UK

One great way for supporters to help not just the charity, but allergy sufferers too, is to apply to become a case study and create a video to inspire or help others dealing with the same issues. Whether it’s one specific allergy such as hay fever, or you want to document the way you’re dealing with a son or daughter’s food allergy, your story can help others, as well as inspire the public to donate!


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