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There’s no doubt that it’s been a big adjustment for all of us to close our doors, cancel our plans and stay home in the wake of COVID-19. We’re sure many of your bank holidays felt a little different without being able to meet friends and family or take part in a local Easter egg hunt – but by staying indoors you’re both saving lives and protecting the NHS. 

Already across the nation we’ve seen wonderful shows of support from people for NHS staff and other frontline workers who are doing so much for us. However, in these unprecedented times, charities across the country need your support more than ever. It’s been estimated that charities could lose at least £4.3bn in donations over the next few weeks, and almost three-quarters of charities fear going bust without financial support, which could prove fatal for the many people who rely on charities for support. 

You may ask what you can do from your sofa to help these charities with big charity events being cancelled. Well, Savoo has the answer.

Save and raise when you shop online

We’ve put together a Stay Home Shopping Guide to help you find fun ways to pass the time at home while also supporting charities at no extra cost or effort to yourself. After all, one thing you can do at home is shopping online, and with our amazing voucher codes you can bag yourself a bargain from top brands like Argos, and B&Q. 

Whether you want to use this time at home to get cracking on that DIY project you’ve been putting off, catch up on your reading, enjoy some games on a shiny new tablet, try a new workout or find some activities to keep the kids entertained, you can do it all for less with one of our top deals. 

The best bit is that throughout April, Savoo will be giving double donations to one of our fantastic charity partners. That means whenever you shop at, Argos, Samsung, Easylife, Audible or B&Q through our gift guide, you’ll not only be saving money, but you’ll also be doing your bit for charities which need your help. 

So stay home, save money and keep raising free donations to do your bit! 

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How does it work? 

It’s simple. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a Savoo account
  2. Choose one of our featured charities below to start supporting them
  3. Click on a brand from the guide to start shopping
  4. Save money with one of Savoo’s top voucher code
  5. Once your order has been processed, Savoo will donate our commission to your chosen charity
  6. Check your Savoo account to see how much you’ve raised!

Find out more about how it works and get shopping! You can also use the Bing-powered Savoo Charity Web Search engine to raise a penny for your chosen charity every time you search for something online. Whether you’re catching up on the news or searching for an easy-to-make recipe for dinner, those pennies add up fast!

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How will shopping online with Savoo help?

By shopping with Savoo, you’ll be helping charities stay afloat and keep doing their invaluable work through this difficult time. At no extra cost or effort to you, you’ll be supporting vulnerable people across the UK. From the elderly who are at high risk and need help to get the essentials they need to those whose mental health is suffering, many of us need a little extra support to get through these difficult times. Here are just a few ways our charity partners are rallying to support those in need right now: 

Age UK

“In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Age UK Kensington & Chelsea are leading a cross-community effort to help provide free food and basic essentials on a weekly basis to those over 65, who are living alone, self-isolating and have no other form of support.

We have also adapted our Activates and Events to continue on an online platform, so that we can keep providing the same service as much as possible to ensure that the older people in the borough are not feeling isolated and alone.

At the moment Age UK Kensington & Chelsea are supporting nearly 600 older people in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea with our weekly food packages, with numbers still rising daily and we need your help to continue.” 


“We know times are challenging for us all right now, but if you’re at home there are still lots of little ways you can make a huge difference for our young wheelchair users. Shopping online through websites like Savoo means you will also be helping young wheelchair users reach their full potential right now and for years to come.” 

  •  Matt Wynes, Director of Fundraising at Whizz-Kidz 

The Mental Health Foundation 

“The Mental Health Foundation recognises we are in challenging times and are rising to this challenge as part of the national mental health response, providing advice about how to look after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak and have also launched new virtual runs to encourage the public to keep moving.”

  •  Kalina Peresterova, Individual Giving Officer at The Mental Health Foundation

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