BRACE is a charity that raises funds and supports dementia research. They aim to help the medical science industry discover what causes dementia in its various forms, help achieve earlier diagnosis of dementia, and help find new and more powerful treatments.

When patients are diagnosed with dementia earlier on, there is more chance to give new treatments and knowledge of prevention a chance to make a difference.

Did you know...

There are a number of types or causes that can lead to dementia. However, whatever the cause of dementia, the outcome is the same – progressive decline in brain function. When somebody has a combination of types, accurate diagnosis can be made incredibly difficult.

BRACE funds research into any kind of dementia, and recently it has been looking into the four most common types – Alzheimer’s, Lewy body dementia, vascular dementia, and frontotemporal dementia.

An accurate medical assessment of somebody who appears to be developing the symptoms of dementia is crucial. Not only because the person’s case might be treatable, but because it allows the most appropriate care and treatment to be given. The earlier the diagnosis, the more effective a treatment can be, and this is why BRACE helps to fund research into earlier diagnosis.

What makes BRACE different

BRACE has been funding research into dementia and its causes since 1987, investing millions of pounds into multidisciplinary research into all aspects of the condition. Some of the most notable achievements of BRACE to date include:

  • Funding early studies into dementia which provided vital evidence for some of the main theoretical underpinnings used in drug development programmes today

  • Facilitating key clinical trials to get the Alzheimer’s disease drug galantamine clinically approved

  • Providing funding to improve MRI and electrophysiological diagnostic equipment to detect Alzheimer’s earlier

Other ways to support

You can help BRACE in a number of ways. As well as donating, fundraising, and volunteering, you can help them raise awareness for Dementia Awareness Week. This falls on 21st – 27th May 2018.

You can request a collection box for your office, set up a coffee morning, share your dementia story with others, or sign up to a challenge event to raise money. Find out more on their website.


The BRACE Charity Office, Elgar House, Southmead Hospital
BS10 5NB

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