Every child has the right to a safe and secure childhood, but for many these rights are denied. Born into extreme poverty and violence, they have no-one to protect them. ChildHope believes that no child should face these challenges alone. We believe every child has potential and that there is hope in even the most desperate situation. There are strengths within children, their families, friendships and communities. Policies and systems can be changed, to protect children and enable them to thrive. By strengthening the net of support around the child we aim to ensure that no child makes this journey alone.

Did you know...

We started in 1989, we are a small team with a wealth of experience and passionate about what we do. We are committed to reach those children who are often ignored or shunned, even by the majority of development projects. Together with our partners around the world, we aim to give these children safe spaces to learn and thrive, and an active role in making decisions about their lives.

What makes ChildHope different

ChildHope’s approach relies first and foremost on local partnerships. Our partners are committed to child rights and understand the context of children’s lives. They share our values and deliver programmes that change the lives of children for the better. We work with partners to secure and manage funding, to develop monitoring and reporting systems and to support with training, mentoring and learning. By working with local organisations, we avoid the expense of running our own programme offices and reduce the potential risk of imposing unsuitable ‘outsider’ solutions on local issues. We work with a mixed portfolio of partner organisations, some small and in their early stages, others much larger and more established and with an international reach.

Other ways to support

There is a wide range of challenge events out there to suit everyone. Find something that’s excites or challenges you, then ask for sponsorship and raise vital funds for ChildHope.


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