Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Their fundamental pledge

The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust was founded in 2008 by the athlete herself, and exists to help disadvantaged young people to be the best that they can be.

Did you know...

The Trust also supports athletes, Olympians, Paralympian’s and world champions as they transition from sport, enabling them to put their unique skills to use and transform the lives of disadvantaged young people through mentoring programmes.

These sportspeople possess the exact skills needed of mentors; they are driven and goal focused, and have built the resilience and confidence to deal with the lows as well as the highs of competitive sport.

By 2016, the charity aims to create a strong presence in nine regional areas across England; helping them engage and empower a further 250,000 young people, enabling them to ‘get their lives on track'.

Other ways to help

There are one million young people in the UK in need of this help and support.

You could show your support further by taking part in an event or organising one of your own.

80p of every £1 raised will go towards Dame Kelly Holmes Trust mentoring programmes which support thousands of young people ever year.


Unit 11.G.2, The Leather Market, Weston Street

Contact Number

020 7743 8600