HorseWorld Trust

HorseWorld Trust exists to ensure that all horses, ponies and donkeys can enjoy a good quality of life. They do this by operating an effective rescue,rehabilitation and rehoming programme with the help of a skilled and dedicated workforce; actively promoting and encouraging responsible equine ownership throughout the country.

The charity aims to educate children with emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties through Discovery Programmes which help them to achieve nationally recognised qualifications they may never have gained through traditional educational routes.

HorseWorld works closely with other animal welfare agencies, local authorities, emergency services and equine organisations, and the charity is represented on a number of equine welfare working groups and forums.

Did you know...

  • HorseWorld's vital 365-days-a-year animal welfare work is funded entirely by voluntary donations.

  • The work of the charity started in 1952, in the industrial centres of England saving retired working horses from needless slaughter.

  • Over the years, the need has changed as more horses than ever before are being abandoned, cruelly treated and neglected.

  • HorseWorld is now responsible for over 140 horses, ponies and donkeys at their Bristol site and over 300 who have been re-homed throughout the South-West.

What makes HorseWorld different

In addition to saving the lives of neglected and mistreated horses, ponies and donkeys, the charity also runs its ground-breaking Discovery educational programme. HorseWorld offers some students a 'Working Skills for Life' qualification through City & Guilds; equipping young people with competencies that give them the best possible chance of succeeding in the future.

Discovery Courses:

  • use rescued horses as a unique learning tool to promote personal development

  • support emotional growth and learning through a curriculum combining outdoor physical activity and close contact with horses, ponies and donkeys

  • improve students’ capacity to concentrate; communicate; interact; work as a team member; be self-motivated; feel confident, and exercise self-control

Other ways to support

HorseWorld Trust relies on supporters to help them achieve their goals and aims. There are numerous volunteering opportunities throughout the year posted on the website, and the charity is always very grateful for any donations of tack, rugs and equipment. You can also support by signing petitions calling for improved equine welfare.

HorseWorld offers corporate supporters the opportunity to work with one of the most respected and rapidly expanding animal welfare charities in the region. Set in 180 acres of beautiful countryside, just 15 minutes from Bristol’s city centre, HorseWorld offers a unique and attractive venue for team building exercises.


Delmar Hall, Staunton Lane, Whitchurch
BS14 0QL

Contact Number

01275 823 425